With the sprout-like trends of community pantries in the country inspired by the Maginhawa community pantry, the Filipinos never failed to showcase the different faces of generosity and initiatives on how to better serve their fellow countrymen—Name it, they have it.


Now, how about a Zero-waste eco-friendly community pantry? Yes, it’s in the making along Yacapin corner Aguinaldo Street in Cagayan De Oro by halal restaurant Babu Kwan, Happy Earth Store, Modern Nanays of Mindanao, ALIMA Mother Support Center and employees of National Commission on Muslim Filipinos.


The pantry offers condiments and sauces in huge glass dispensers, with fresh vegetables and eggs all for free, with of course, the divine rule of “take what you need” and “give what you can”.


Since caring for the environment is already in the teachings of Islam (Datlan, 2019), the “Zero-waste” community pantry did not only encourage their ‘valued customers’ to bring their own reusable jars and containers when visiting the pantry, it also serves as a reminder that while we make sure we can take care of our foods and other necessities together, we can also take care of our environment in a our own simple way.



(Unpublished MA Thesis) Datlan, J.A (2019) Exploring Meranao Indigenous Knowledge on Environment: Case Studies on Selected Local Communities in Lanao Del Sur. University of the Philippines Diliman.