Mustaqim is an Arabic word which means ‘straight’ or ‘correct’. The word can be found in Surah Al-Fatihah or Chapter of The Opener which is the first and opening chapter in the Holy Qur’an. Specifically, the word can be derived from one of the chapter’s verses titled “Ihdina Siratal Mustaqim” which can be translated to “Guide us to the Straight Path”. Muslims accord this verse with utmost importance, starting their prayers and other religious activities with this supplication.

Mustaqim, in its essence, aims to serve as a guide for the Filipino people towards the truth.


Attaining peace in the Philippines involves a multifaceted approach – identifying the root causes of radicalization in the community; coming up with various solutions to address said problem; and, implementing programs and strategies that would reinforce the ongoing efforts in place.

At Mustaqim, we have focused on the aspect of education which is an integral part of any peace program. While there is an abundance of information coming from several sources in the community and the internet, there is no single depository of credible information on topics relating to peacebuilding. As we endeavor to become the Filipino people’s synchronized source of said information, we shall also address the misinformation being circulated by violent extremists and their misuse of the religion of Islam in their ideology.

Mustaqim is passionate in preventing the spread of violent extremism in vulnerable Filipino communities by responding through education; discrediting the violent extremist ideology through credible sources of information; and stopping violent extremist recruitment by empowering the community leaders and the academe to put forward the truth.


Mustaqim’s mission is to serve as a venue and depository of all credible information in relation to the country’s experiences, efforts, and future aspirations on peacebuilding. Mustaqim believes that every Filipino has the right to accurate and synchronized information that is easy to access and constantly available.


Mustaqim believes on the right of every Filipino people to be truthfully informed on various topics in relation to peace. The vision of Mustaqim is to delve on subjects that would establish a common ground among Filipino people from all walks of life; reinvigorate the truth and correct the false interpretation of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims utilizing the Qur’an and the Sunnah; and advocate for mechanisms that would ultimately result to lasting peace in the country. We believe that facts and research would amplify a stronger and more meaningful narrative for the Filipino people.