Nestled in the heart of Zamboanga City, the Zamboanga City Museum stands as a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Stepping inside its doors is like embarking on a journey through time, as the museum meticulously preserves and showcases the vibrant history and heritage of Zamboanga. In its latest endeavor, the museum has launched an exciting program called “Riquesa na Baul,” which aims to safeguard and promote the invaluable treasures of the city’s past.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

Zamboanga City Museum has long been a custodian of the city’s cultural heritage. With its vast collection of artifacts, artworks, and historical documents, it plays a vital role in preserving the legacy of Zamboanga and educating visitors about its rich history. From ancient pottery and traditional costumes to photographs and manuscripts, the museum’s exhibits offer a glimpse into the diverse cultural traditions that have shaped the region.

Riquesa na Baul: Unveiling Hidden Treasures

The Riquesa na Baul program, which translates to “Treasures in a Trunk,” is a recent initiative by the Zamboanga City Museum that aims to highlight the lesser-known but equally significant artifacts and stories of the region. By unearthing hidden treasures and shedding light on lesser-explored aspects of Zamboanga’s history, the program seeks to create a deeper connection between visitors and the cultural heritage of the city.

Exploring the Riquesa na Baul Exhibition

The Riquesa na Baul exhibition at the Zamboanga City Museum takes visitors on an enchanting voyage through time. The program showcases a curated selection of artifacts and objects that have been carefully collected and preserved, representing various facets of Zamboanga’s past.

Visitors can expect to see a diverse range of items, including intricately designed traditional garments, ceremonial objects, indigenous artworks, and religious artifacts. Each item tells a story, narrating the history, customs, and traditions of the people who have called Zamboanga home over the centuries.

Interactive and Educational Experiences

The Riquesa na Baul program aims to engage visitors through interactive and educational experiences. Apart from the exhibition, the museum offers guided tours led by knowledgeable curators who provide insights into the significance and historical context of the artifacts.

Additionally, the program includes workshops, cultural performances, and demonstrations that allow visitors to actively participate in preserving and promoting Zamboanga’s cultural heritage. These activities create a lively and immersive environment where individuals can deepen their understanding and appreciation of the city’s traditions.

Preserving the Past for the Future

The Zamboanga City Museum’s Riquesa na Baul program not only celebrates the city’s cultural heritage but also raises awareness about the importance of preserving it for future generations. By showcasing the hidden treasures of Zamboanga, the museum instills a sense of pride and identity among locals while fostering an appreciation for diversity and history among visitors.

Furthermore, the program seeks to encourage community involvement and collaboration by inviting individuals to contribute their personal heirlooms, stories, and memories. This active participation ensures that the program remains dynamic, constantly evolving to reflect the ever-changing cultural landscape of Zamboanga.


The Zamboanga City Museum’s Riquesa na Baul program represents a significant step towards preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Zamboanga. Through its captivating exhibition, interactive experiences, and community involvement, the program strives to ensure that the treasures of the past continue to inspire and enrich the present and future generations. As visitors immerse themselves in the rich history of Zamboanga, they are not only embracing the city’s cultural identity but also contributing to the preservation of a truly remarkable heritage.