On November 23, 2021, Ms. Juhra Kilam, a Muslim lecturer from Isabela, Basilan, conducted a PCVE lecture about youth’s crucial role in preventing extremism and terrorism in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan in coordination with Bangsamoro Youth Commission. The activity was attended by 40 Muslim youths and community leaders from Al-Barka, Ungkaya Pukan, and Tipo-Tipo. During the lecture, Ms. Kilam emphasized the important role played by families in shaping the youth’s perspective on non-violence. Since family was the main focus of the lecture, the lecturer highlighted the role of mothers as a focal person in the family to identify and respond to potential threats and for them to utilize the development and training of their children on good Islamic teachings. In relation to this, the participation of religious sectors was important in providing guidance to the families and providing good Islamic teachings to prevent violent radicalization. In addition, religious leaders should integrate in their “Khutba” or sermons PCVE-related topics during Friday congregation and deliver the same in local dialects for better understanding.


During the lecture, the participants raised the following issues like; Lack of sustainable economic livelihood; Lack of engagement from the government because most of them are located on far-flung areas; Lack of opportunity skills training from TESDA since most of them are unaware of its scholarship programs; and inability to avail other school scholarship programs because they are unaware of the application process.


At the end of the lecture, the participants recommended strengthening the education system to equip the youth with knowledge and skills that can be utilized in their future careers.