On November 21, 2021, Ms. Juhra Kilam, a Muslim lecturer from the Yakan tribe and a leader of pro-women’s group Al Ihsaan Inc., conducted a PCVE lecture in Maluso, Basilan. The activity was attended by around 34 female Muslims from the municipalities of Lantawan and Maluso, including community leaders, representatives from Barangay Local Government Units, Municipal Health Officers, and MILF members. During the activity, Ms. Kilam discussed the importance of information awareness on their group’s campaign on Violence Against Women (VAW) up to grassroot level to promote maximum participation and implementation. Ms. Kilam also highlighted the “Referral Pathways” which informed the victims of gender-based violence on where to report complaints or grievances.


While in the middle of discussion, power interruption occurred which usually happens three to five times a day in Maluso. This prompted the lecturer to continue the discussion using whiteboard and postcards until the electricity was restored. Although this happened, the participants actively participated in the discussion and workshop exercises, underscoring the importance of their newly learned knowledge and looking forward for more information drive and activities in the future.