Looking at this simple man, you would not think that he is the barangay captain of Linuan, Albarka from Municipality Basilan. Standing away from the mainstream figures of barangay captains, Honorable captain and Al-Ustadh Abdulhalim Maranie lives his life in this simple house and runs his barangay in the most ideal way. Aside from being a local government official, he is known to his people for being an Islamic teacher, Al-Ustadh, who undoubtedly, runs his leadership in an Islamic way. 


His people themselves have witnessed his accountability, generosity, Islamic knowledge, and leadership. During Ramadan, his people have narrated that he used to provide food to his people and help those in total need, and further claiming that he is free of corruption. During Ramadan he used to pour all his IRAs in helping his people to elevate their life the best he can provide.


Indisputably, his simple house already speaks kindly of his kind of leadership, nobility, and how he earned his people’s respect and confidence. Ustadh Maranie debunks the reality of the culture of corruption in our country, and further gives hope that there are more leaders who are truthful to their responsibilities waiting to unveil.


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