Muslim religious organizations, Muslim scholars, and activists has strongly condemned the establishment of ISIS and its motives to use Islam for their wrongdoings. Given the fact that its top officials and current leader was neutralized during the US operation in February 2022, ISIS will definitely persist, especially its violent and barbaric set of acts and ideology, but now, with its tainted reputation as a terrorist organization and the realization of its supporters of the group’s perverted interpretations of Islam and the fact that the Caliph and Caliphate are both a fraud, the challenges that this organization faces grows bigger.


During the peak of its operations, ISIS was condemned by Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, which used to be the center of the golden age of Islam, by saying that its establishment of a caliphate in Iraq and Syria is a “big mistake” and “damages the reputation of Islam.” The leader of the terrorist group cannot be considered as a caliph, therefore, this Caliphate is a sham.


In addition, top religious leaders from other Arab countries said that the organization was a threat to Muslims ( In relation to this, large Muslim organizations from all over the world gathered to show their condemnation of the atrocities and ideology of the ISIS. For example, in Indonesia, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) which has over 90 million members, continuously condemned ISIS; Muslim Imams, scholars, and Muslim communities in the US rallied and show their protest to end ISIS extremism; US President Biden said that they will continually hunt down the ISIS and continue their battle against terrorism; and in the Philippines, youth and Islamic communities gave their efforts through community lectures, posts on social media, and seminars to end extremism and to rely the message of condemnation to those who are committing terrorism. Even other major religions like Catholics, Christians, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism show their criticism by citing principles, laws, commandments, verses in their holy scriptures supporting the message of condemnation by Muslims of ISIS and other extremist groups.


ISIS can continue its operations in the follow years according to some counter-terrorists’ experts, but the true Muslims and their respected leaders worldwide will continue their the fight against this group. Uncovering the lies brought about by this group is slowly taking over mainstream media and Muslims around the globe show their support by encouraging the ISIS supporters to breakaway from this group, seek for repentance and embrace the true meaning of Islam.