National New Friends Day is observed every year with the main purpose of making new friends. In this day and age where everything is fast-paced, people tend to ignore old friends and forget to make new ones.

This day encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone, make new friends who can make our lives better, colorful and happier.

It has also started to be recognised and eventually grow its popularity around the world.


A few facts about National New Friends Day are as follows:

Day of Observance: October 19th every year

Celebrated in: The United States

Hashtag: #NationalNewFriendsDay

Purpose: Step out of our comfort zone and try to meet new friends


The traditional manners of celebrating National New Friends Day include meeting new people, making new friends, exchanging greeting cards and flowers. Apart from this, different social and cultural functions, programs and get together are arranged to enjoy with your new friends.

In the Philippines where everyone is so warm and hospitable, making new friends has been a part of our way of living. We always make room for new people in our lives without forgetting the old ones. We enjoy meeting new people and making new connections. And cliché as it may seem, but no man is an island. Happy New Friends Day to All!