The International News reported that On October 5, the first consultation sessions with departmental stakeholders at the federal level for the formulation of Counter Violent Extremism Policy 2021 was held at National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) Headquarters under the Chairmanship of Asif Saifullah Paracha (PSP), 


Said meeting was attended by representatives of all relevant federal stakeholders in Islamabad.


Chairman PSP welcomed the participants and apprised them about the formulation of the Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) Policy 2021 that has been assigned to NACTA in the revised National Action Plan 2021. He mentioned that he anticipates all participants will actively participate and provide feedback and prompt response in the creation of an all-inclusive national policy.


Director General of Monitoring, Evaluation and Capacity Building, NACTA Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan briefed the participants on the background and formulation process of the policy. He stated that NACTA has devised various policy interventions in the past and the CVE policy 2021 will be a sequel to National Action Plan and National Counter Extremism Policy Guidelines made by NACTA in 2018.


The participants highlighted the importance of CVE in the present security environment and urged for the formulation of concrete steps and consolidated response in countering the menace of extremism especially on social media platforms. 


The participants described the CVE policy formulation as a positive step in Pakistan’s path towards peace and ensured complete cooperation in the formulation of a holistic policy.


Source: The International News Pakistan