The Cordillera Youth Center is composed of out-of-school youth and students in the Cordillera Region. It is a non-profit network which aims to empower the youth through education and capacity building. The founders of this organization are youth coming from different indigenous communities in the Cordillera that are suffering from the loss of their culture, natural resources and indigenous practices due to commercial development. This organization brings opportunities to young individuals to take an active role in the advancement of indigenous people and their communities. Through this, their identity will be protected and it’ll help build peace in their communities.

The following are the Activities of Cordillera Youth Center:

  • Educational training in the Provinces
  • Cultural Exchanges
  • Forums on topic relevant to youth and indigenous people such as tribal conflict 
  • Youth-elders exchanges for culture as a means of peace building 
  • Campaigns
  • Networking 

Cordillera Youth Center strongly believes that the present generation will be the future leaders of their communities and with proper education and training, they will be able to uphold the peace stand firmly against tribal wars.