Our country has been struggling to achieve lasting peace for decades now. It has been a long and challenging journey but we continue to persevere. It is a sad reality that some of our countrymen have fallen blind into the deceitful statements and hateful messages of violent extremists. These violent extremists say that they are Muslims but they would rather choose brutal retaliation and barbaric acts because of their self-perceived victimization. The anger of these violent extremists to the West and the so-called “enemies of Islam” who are the non-Muslims and democratic governments, coupled with their twisted interpretation of Qur’anic verses and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, has been received by a small number of like-minded individuals here in our country, triggering a series of terroristic acts and senseless deaths.


These violent extremists, in their published online article “Why We Hate You and Why We Fight You” clarified why they hate the West and the enemies of Islam. They have focused on discussing the reasons why they are doing these acts of violence that they see as justifiable in the eyes of Allah. However, we would like to focus on the ambiguity of their narratives and gear towards the other end – the reasons why we love them and why we fight them.


  1. You say that you hate the disbelievers because they reject the Oneness of Allah.By saying, Muslims have been commanded to fight the disbelievers until they submit to the authority of Islam and living in humiliation under the rule of the Muslims. However, this contradicts the teachings of Islam. We would like to help you refocus, remember, and look into the real message of Islam which is kindness.


The Qur’an said: “Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion and did not drive you out of your homes. Verily, Allah loves those who deal with equity. [Quran  60:8]”


Ibn Katheer  said: “Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes; means, those who did not have a role in your expulsion. Therefore, Allah does not forbid you from being kind to the disbelievers who do not fight you because of the religion, such as women and weak disbelievers, from being righteous toward them; from being kind; and acting justly toward them, being fair with them; Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly.


Imam Ahmad recorded that Asmaa’ bint Abu Bakr said, “My mother, who was an idolatress at the time, came to me during the Treaty of Peace, the Prophet peace be upon him conducted with the Quraysh. I came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Allah’s Messenger! My mother came visiting, desiring something from me. Should I treat her with kindness?’ The Prophet  said, ‘Yes. Keep good relation with your mother.'” This Hadeeth was reported by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim.”


  1. You say you hate secular liberal societies because of their policies allowing Haram. However, we see that you yourselves do not hate killings, suicide bombings, torture, kidnapping, and extortion, which are all clearly forbidden by our religion. Let us help you be guided on what truly is allowed and forbidden in Islam.


Muslims living in a non-Muslim country implementing liberal policies may be forgiven because Muslims living in this society has no full control of policies and the government. But the so-called Muslims killing innocent lives are accountable on the day of Judgement.


When Allah said “Allah does not charge a soul except its capacity”, Allah only burdens a person with actions that he is able to do. Allah’s religion is based on ease and not difficulty. If any person does good, he will receive the reward for it in full. If any person does evil, he will receive the punishment for the sin he committed and no one will carry it for him.


Therefore, thoughts that enter the heart without one’s intention and control and are not translated into action, stand all excused in the sight of Allah Almighty. Deeds that are undertaken with choice and volition will be the only ones apprehended and called to account. As far as non-voluntary deeds are concerned, man is neither obligated nor constrained therein, and certainly, there is no thawab (reward) or adhab (punishment) on them.


It is irrational that you hate secular liberal policies but you do not hate killings and suicide bombings which are clearly and evidently Haram. All of these violent actions are mentioned in Qur’an and Hadith which clearly state that these are all prohibited.


  1.   You wage war on innocent atheists without knowing that it is not permissible to kill innocent lives. You have been putting the law into your own hands without proper authority. Together, let us rediscover the true narratives of our religion and not rely on our own interpretations.


Al-Qurtubi said: Based on that, kind treatment of neighbors is enjoined and is recommended, whether they are Muslim or not. And this is the right thing to do. Kind treatment may be in the sense of helping or it may be in the sense of being kind, refraining from annoyance and standing by them. Al-Bukhaari narrated from ‘Aa’ishah that the Prophet peace be upon him said: “Jibreel kept urging me to treat neighbors kindly until I thought that he would make them heirs.”


And it was narrated from Abu Shurayh that the Prophet peace be upon him said: “By Allah, he does not believe; by Allah, he does not believe; by Allah, he does not believe.” It was said: O Messenger of Allah, who is that? He said: “The one whose neighbor is not safe from his annoyance.”


This is general in meaning and applies to all neighbors, and the Prophet peace be upon him affirmed that the neighbor should not be annoyed by swearing three times and stating that the one who annoys his neighbor is not a believer in the complete sense. So the believer should avoid annoying his neighbor and refrain from doing what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden; he should strive to do that which pleases Him and encourage others to do likewise.


In other words, Allah does not forbid you to be kind, uphold ties, return favors and be fair towards the atheist, whether they are relatives and others, so long as they are not fighting you because of your religion or seeking to drive you out of your homes. So there is nothing wrong with you upholding ties with them, because upholding ties with them in this case does not involve anything that may lead to negative consequences. It was narrated from ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amrthat the Prophet peace be upon him said: “Whoever kills a mu‘aahid (a non-Muslim living under Muslim rule) will not smell the fragrance of Paradise, although its fragrance may be detected from a distance of forty years.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 2995


  1. By saying we will continue to retaliate, not with slogans and placards but with bullet and knives, you clearly misrepresent Islam. Reacting in this emotional manner and engaging in senseless violence destroys the peaceful message of our religion. Islam has been, and always will be, geared towards peace, kindness and patience.


Allah records on multiple occasions how prophets were insulted, how they were made fun of, how they were rejected in the most obscene ways and how even the prophets themselves felt the pain of those disbelievers making fun of them. Prophet Noah complains about how people found him disgusting and that they would plug their ears with their fingers and walk away from him and pull their clothes back as a show of insult to him and Prophet Muhammad is no exception. The Holy Quran honors and at the same time, records the most hurtful words that were said to the Prophet. And the Prophet himself would have to recite and remind himself of the words that were said about him such as “magician” “insane” “perpetual liar”. There were so many accusations made against our Prophet and they’re all recorded in the Quran and yet he responded in the most beautiful way. Allah said “be patient over whatever they say”.


The special instructions for those who are engaged in calling others towards Allah commenced from here. The gist of these instructions is not to repay evil with evil, but to be patient and to be obliging. “Repel evil with what is best” means that the habit of those people who are engaged in calling others towards Allah should be to reply to the evil behavior of the addressees in the best possible manner. No doubt, it is much better to do some good to the evil-doer after forgiving him.


Ibn Abbas has said that the instruction in this verse is to be patient with the one who is expressing his anger with you, to be tolerant and forbearing with the one who is being ignorant with you and to forgive the one who has made you suffer.


  1. We should put an end to blaming all the non-Muslims for crimes against Muslims because there are still many who are engaging in good relations with Muslims. Sometimes, you do not have to look far. Check your own backyards where you may possibly find crimes against Allah and his Messenger. All of us are victims of corrupt politicians and people with selfish interests.


6. Hate should not be generalized. Not all non-Muslims are fighting Muslims. Not all non-Muslims are invading Muslim lands. Not all non-Muslims are disrespecting Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In reality, most of them respect and maintain good relations with Muslims. Be aware – Jihad is not meant to engage anyone.


‘Beware, if anyone wrongs a mu`ahid [i.e. a non-Muslim enjoying the protection of Muslims], or diminishes his right, or forces him to work beyond his capacity, or takes from him anything without his consent, I shall be his adversary on the Day of Judgment” (Abu Dawud).


Narrated by `Abdullah ibn `Amr: The Prophet said, “Whoever killed a mu`ahid  shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise though its fragrance can be smelt at a distance of forty years (of traveling).” (Al-Bukhari).


All of these perverted narratives have been disseminated and read across the globe. We are certain that there are those who are already influenced by these narratives because you have captured and exploited their emotions with valid, real-life challenges and experiences. However, we do not blame you because we know that you have been lost and misguided.


It is at this point that we remind you why we love you and why we fight you. We love you because you are our brothers and you share our experiences, both the good and the bad. We love you because we believe that the storms in your hearts will be calm and peaceful one day as you open your eyes to the destructive effects of violence in our world. We love you because we know that you did not want to kill others but were forced to do so. And as long as there is goodness in humanity, we continue to love you and wait for you to return and fulfill your promise to Allah – to worship and to love him and follow his commands towards peace.


And the only way for you to return is to fight you. We fight you and your narratives because this is taking a toll on you and to innocent people. We fight you because only the truth can set you free and you have been imprisoned by this false sense of heroism. We fight you because if you continue what you are doing, we may never achieve lasting peace. We fight you because we want you to surrender and accept the fact that you are wrong, in all sense, in all your narratives. And we will continue to fight you, no matter how hard and how long it takes.