Nationalism, a word which means ideology that emphasizes loyalty, devotion or allegiance to a nation and holds that such obligations outweigh other individual or group interests ( It is relevant that we learn from our past to explain the present and to imagine our future as Filipinos. A lot of Filipinos, especially our heroes, devoted and risked their lives to achieve the freedom which we have long been enjoying. It is duly rightful to know the different ways which we can express Filipino Nationalism during the present time. As published in, there are 10 modern ways to do this as listed below.


  1. Respect the Philippine Flag and value the Filipino identity 
  2. Be a productive citizen
  3. Be aware of the issues in our country
  4. Stand proud for every Filipinos achievement
  5. Patronize and support our own products
  6. Preserve the Filipino culture
  7. Respect everyone and value our traditions
  8. Speak out our own language
  9. Remember and commemorate our heroes’ sacrifices for our country
  10. Love our family, our neighbors, and our compatriots


These are the basics and simplest ways that we can do to promote Filipino Nationalism. 


The Mustaqim community takes pride in being one with the Filipinos in upholding our values and preserving our culture.