Ramadan is a widely known celebration around the world by Muslim communities. It is being celebrated by fasting, prayer, reciting of the Quran, and reconnecting the faith in Allah. 

For non-Muslims, many are curious about the celebration of Ramadan and how they will act towards it. In relation to this, there are a few things that non-Muslims should do during Ramadan around their Muslim friends.

Like what was stated in the latter part, Ramadan is known for fasting as a form of reconnection to Allah. If you have friend who is a Muslim, they may feel pressured about your invites to eat but take into consideration to become more sensitive during fasting time of your Muslim friend. You may ask about the importance of fasting in Ramadan to fully understand his/her situation and gain knowledge.

The next thing associated with fasting is prayer. Between fasting, Muslims conduct prayers by facing east and doing ruku or “bowing” and sujud or “prostration.” When you see your Muslim friend during this act in his/her private time, do not distract them or call their attention. Respect their time doing their prayers and you may talk to them right after.

Moreover, food is also part of Ramadan. Muslims are allowed to eat before sunrise, which is known as “suhoor,” and after sunset, which is known as “iftar.” If your Muslim friend invited you to their iftar, feel free to join because it is allowed for non-Muslims to feast together with Muslims during this meal time. It can serve as a form of inter-faith engagement to share your faith together and to have knowledge in Muslim celebration of Ramadan. This activity can be a good time to ask your Muslim friend about the things you need to know about Ramadan or Islam.

In terms on how you will greet your Muslim friends celebrating Ramadan, you may say “Ramadan Mubarak,” which means “happy Ramadan”. When Ramadan ends, it is now the Eid al-Fitr. You may greet your Muslim friends, “Eid Mubarak,” which means “Happy Eid.” Surely, your Muslim friends will appreciate your effort of greeting them in one of the most important and celebrated occasion in their religion.

To wrap things up, these are the few things that we can do as non-Muslims during the Ramadan celebration. Ramadan is a time of reconnection to Allah and a time of celebration for our Muslim friends. Even we are non-Muslims, we can support our Muslim friends by doing the things we provide in this article. Ramadan Mubarak! Happy Ramadan!