While the trend of community pantries flooded our timelines, the initiative of serving free food for all is not something new to this Muslim youth organization in Zamboanga City. The Shabab Al-Khidma, literally Youth in Service, has been providing free iftar (pre-sunset meal) for fasting people in their community for almost a decade. The organization’s members, which is composed of Madrasa students, dedicate their untiring service to serve the fasting people in their community free of charge.


This initiative does not only strengthen the brotherhood between these youth but also strengthen the spirit of giving for they attract people who want to join their cause by donating money and in-kind goods. 


From Barangay Recodo, Zamboanga city, this year, they expanded their service to Brgy. Mercedes, Masjid Lappasan, and Masjid Nur Hidaya thru a cause titled Iftar Drive Mindanao together with other Muslim organizations in Zamboanga City.


The Iftar Drive Mindanao initiative aims to extend help to Muslim families celebrating Ramadan in this time of crisis and uncertainties.


The Shabab Al-Khidma also serves as volunteers to the Ulama and any Islamic programs in the city aiming nothing but the credit from Allah.