“Islam is a universal or heavenly system or regime for all the dwellers of the Earth and there is a great need for the whole world today to understand and thoroughly study its rules and regulations. How many disasters, calamities and wars does mankind have to suffer because of their differences in their faith and organizations, which have broken them into the worst type of breaking?”


Ustadz Abdurrahman Magarsi, a Muslim leader, hails from the beautiful province of  Tagusao, Quezon, Palawan. He frequently delivers his sermons at the Masjid Abdul Aziz Rashid Al-Mozabey.


What makes Ustadz Magarsi special? It is his advocacy to transition his da’wah in the cyberspace and be able to expand the knowledge about Islam, such as delving into topics like time and space in Islam; creations and human age in Islam; and, technology, science, and medicine in Islam. Ustadz Magarsi aims to be present in cyberspace due to its ease of access and reach.


As what we have observed, said topics are seldom discussed by the Muslim preachers and it is high time that these things be discussed by our credible Muslim leaders and preachers.


At Mustaqim, we encourage our Muslim leaders and preachers to do the same. There are so many things in Islam that has not yet been discussed and with the capability of the social media, we can help you reach out to more Filipino Muslims to deliver your messaging.