People want to do better as climate change and sustainability awareness are on the rise. Harm reduction may be a good thing to adopt as 100% elimination of harm from what we consume may be impossible. 

Special occasions usually entail gift giving. As givers, we can show the recipient/s that we care by also being mindful of the sustainability of the things we give. This shows that not only do we care about the receiver, but also care about the environment.

These are the top 3 things that we must consider in giving sustained gifts:

  1. Quality and Personality 

Although it’s tempting to give something unique or creative to avoid being boring, we must also consider if the receiver will be able to fully utilise the gift. Rather than giving something unique which will just eventually turn into waste, it’s better to go for a high quality product which can be used for a longer time.

  1. Small & Local or Big & Certified 

If you can find what you are looking for in small & local companies, then might as well go for it. Not only are you helping these small businesses, but you are also boosting the local economy plus it will save you from shipping costs. Although big & certified companies may be a “go-to” place, it’s still best to research and check the best option. Remember, sustainability is not only about the environment, it’s about people too.

  1. Wrap Smart

Rather than just buying regular wrapping papers, you may opt to reuse papers, newspapers, paper bags and other stuff which may be a creative alternative in wrapping gifts. You may also use cloth or bags as this will also allow the receiver to reuse as well which prolongs the lifecycle.

These may be just little things that we can do to support sustainability but this can be our fair share in creating a potential demand for better and more sustainable products.