With the worsening onslaught of COVID-19 and loosening of people’s attitude towards safety protocols, the Muslim Tribal Leaders of Salam community convened the Salam Community Muslim Affairs COVID-19 volunteers last May 2, 2021 to formally reboot the volunteers’ organizational structure.


These volunteers, who were composed of different Muslim tribal affiliations, discussed some pressing issues more relatively to COVID-19 safety measures and shared constructive ideas for the betterment of Masjid Salam community and its people.  Amongst the highlighted agenda were the preparation for upcoming Edl Fitr prayer and strengthening the security of the community.


The unexpected attendance of new volunteers gives additional thrust to Masjid Salam Community personnel to better serve its people both on their safety protocol and economic matters. 


During the Duterte’s drug campaign, the Salam community was once listed as one of the worst drug breeding compounds in Barangay Culiat, and presently, it was listed as one of the drug-free and peaceful compounds.