The East African Magazine reported the “Engaging Borders Africa” project created by Nigerian novelist Richard Ali has announced the screenwriters for the Sahel Film Making Project under its Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) programme.

These three screenwriters are Africa Ukoh (Nigeria), Samuel Tebandeke (Uganda), and Christopher Doherty (US). They will write screenplays for three selected short films namely: This Side of the Sun, which was originally The Sound of Silence, by Lucy Wangari (Kenya); Hate is like Party Jollof, by Boládale Tèmítope Maryam (Nigeria); and Travelling, by Suleiman Aigbe Buhari (Nigeria).

“I’m pleased to announce the three stories we have optioned for our short films project, a major component of this project. Beyond your already brilliant stories, accessible on the website, the judges based their decision on three criteria peculiar to film as a medium for our counter narratives,” said Janice Malachi, the administration officer of Engaging Borders Africa, in a statement.

This Side of the Sun follows a victim of multilevel violence, sharing her traumatic story in the aftermath of her sister’s death.

Maryam’s Hate is Like Party Jollof explores ethno-religious hate between the Yoruba and Hausa communities in Ibadan.

Travelling uses the metaphor of the road to animate drama around a young girl who does not know that her father has been killed by militant extremists.