Recently, a video of an actress and socail media influencer went viral in the social media. In said video, the actress was celebrating her birthday and was approached by a restaurant staff who was carrying her birthday cake. As a tradition, guests sang the birthday song and the actress blew her candle. However, something out of the ordinary happened – the actress suddenly swiped the cake with her hand and smeared the icing on the waiter’s forhead. 

This incident enraged a significant number of netizens, as the waiter was observed to have been humiliated but was not in a position to react since everything was being recorded.

The sad reality that we are facing right now is the seemingly forgotten value of respect and humility, which is often seen among those who are more well-off than others. However, we also see this among those who are unsuccessful and frustrated in life.

Let us revisit the meaning of respect and how we, as human beings, should treat others with kindness. From our younger years, we have been taught in school the importance of goodness and kindness. We are also taught that relationships are built on our core values. One’s status in life is irrelevant when we practice respect. Each individual deserves kindness and we are instruments to its fulfillment.

Let us also revisit the definition of humility and how each of us are capable of apologizing when we have wronged a person. Humility is about reaching your dreams and goals without sacrificing human relationships along the way. Humility is seeing yourself in the situation of others and being able to do your part in making said situation more comfortable and convenient for others. 

May this incident spark a positive change especially to our social media influencers and celebrities. The kind of influence that our society needs is the one that promotes goodness and consciousness of the situation of our fellow human beings.Revisiting the meaning of Respect and Humility