Ramadan is among the most sacred months in Islam. In the Philippines, Filipino Muslims celebrate this momentous event by remembering the Holy Qur’an and its revelation to Prophet Muhammad. 

As Filipino Muslims, let us go back and examine our lessons learned during this month.

The month of Ramadan has showered us with numerous lessons, one of which is learning to coexist with the non-Muslims and realizing that this land is for every Filipino. This month has shown us that unity and living in harmony with people from all walks of life can be achieved. While we, Filipino Muslims, sacrificed and practiced Sawm or fasting, our non-Muslims brothers and sisters have respected us, and, in their own little way, sacrificed with us and joined our Iftar. 

This month, we did not only learn to abstain from eating and drinking, but we also valued the importance of respect and tolerance. We nurtured humility and love, and avoided harming people with our words or violating anyone’s rights.

Ramadan has also taught us that material things are not important, as we focus our attention on more significant things such as doing good deeds, helping the needy, and giving charity or sadaqah. The needs of the people and the true essence of happiness are imbibed in the hearts of every Filipino Muslim.

Keeping the spirit of Ramadan alive in our hearts for the rest of the year is a must as this month has also trained us to be closer to Allah and improve our spirituality and religious practices. With all of these in mind, we now walk this world with a sense of responsibility and perseverance to radiate goodness and compassion.

To all our Muslims friends, families and loved ones, Eid Mubarak and may we all have a joyous celebration!