A TikTok video went viral recently after the account owner, Zoe, who is a teenager, happily thanked his father for gifting her her first luxury bag. The video garnered numerous negative comments after netizens pointed out that the brand of the bag, Charles and Keith, is not considered as a luxury brand.

When we look into the concept of luxury and how people from the high society enjoy it, we see at least 5 characteristics surrounding the world of luxury products – rarity and exclusivity, excellence in craftsmanship, expensiveness and quality of materials, timelessness, and experience and design.

While many would argue that Charles and Keith is in fact, not a luxury brand, we must look into how the Tiktok owner used the word luxury in her post.

Zoe, the Tiktok owner, clarified that she did not come from a well-off family and the bag, which was given to her by her father, was a luxury knowing that this came from the hard work of his father.

There are times that we forget our statuses in life and how eah of us differ in terms of successes. The term luxury, for the wealthy and famous, means having luxury products and enjoying the finer things in life. But for people who are living modestly day to day, a simple brand new bag to replace a worn out one, could entirely become luxury itself.

Zoe gave us an old, forgotten perspective of looking at things that we value the most as a luxury. For many people deprived of potable water, a bottle of mineral water is a luxury. For a parent working 2 jobs a day, time is a luxury. For a person suffering from terminal illness, health is a luxury.

What is luxury for you?