Aha! As we know the expression could mean many things – it could either be surprise, suspicion, sudden realization, inspiration, recognition, or comprehension.   It could actually be a combination of all these feelings and an overall positive experience.

In 2009 the AHA! Learning Center, a non-profit organization, was established in Makati.  It offered free after school literacy programs and has, in its initial launch, benefitted 19,000 students, providing them after-school learning hours equivalent to an average of 300 hours in 6 to 8 weeks.  It’s mission evolves around producing the next generation of changemakers and community leaders that will help serve the country for the better.

Eventually, the AHA! Learning Center engaged in other media forms as it has also launched its tele-radio show, ‘Ang Balitang Bata’ which airs on Sundays at 4:00 PM via DZRJ 810.  The tele-radio show aims to empower the youth towards becoming community advocates that are aware and open to issues not only involving themselves but of their individual communities as well.  

Consistent with the celebration of the National Children’s Month, AHA! Advocates for ensuring that children’s voices are heard.  Through establishing a safe and accepting environment that recognizes children as Filipino citizens equally entitled to rights and responsibilities.

Safe spaces for children as an endeavor of the government refers not only to physical spaces but also to interventions geared towards increasing children’s access to safe environments and promoting their psychosocial well-being. Some safe spaces initiatives may focus on informal education or other needs related to children.  Both are being addressed by the projects of AHA!

To date, AHA! Learning Center are looking for volunteers through their official Facebook page.  They are also looking for sponsorships to help them raise funds for Christmas Baskets and scholarships for children.