The new generation, what older generations refer to as “kids these days,” contrary to popular belief of being self-centered and over-patronizing, could actually be the protectors of peace in this day and age.  Statistics reveal that 95% of this generation have access to a smartphone and the majority are online almost constantly.  The “digital natives” were exposed to and engaged with new technologies and social media.  This provided Gen Z’s adaptability and development of discernment skills and skepticism.  Such enthusiasm to find out the truth, social and political issues included, the display of this generation’s authenticity is undoubtedly refreshing in the current order of things.  Their quest for what is real and true, leads them to forge their own paths toward what they perceive as a more acceptable, just and sustainable society.

The uncertainties, insecurities, war-torn and climate-ravaged planet have greatly affected aspects of Gen Z’s lives.  Across the global landscape we have witnessed the dynamism of the youth, cutting across sectors, groups and peoples.  I would have to agree with an article describing the youth as “…indubitably a source of new energies, new ideas, and new ways of reimagining the world.”

This Generation knows they will inherit our societies, practically our planet.  Their commitment to societal change gives a deeper meaning to peace, equality and overall concept of a better world to live in.