The Gagandilan Mindanao Women Inc. conducted a seminar titled “Social Enterprise Training on Baking and Pastry for Vulnerable Solo Parents” at the Jolo Municipal Day Care Building in Sulu on May 19, 2022. Said effort is part of the group’s advocacy on preventing and countering violent extremism (PCVE). The activity was attended by around 35 female Muslims from Bgys. Bus-Bus, Takut-Takut, Tulay, San Raymundo, Asturias, Chinese Pier, Alat, and Walled, all in the Municipality of Jolo. 

Aside from discouraging participants to join violent extremist groups by providing social livelihood training, the activity also aims to promote the local delicacies in Jolo to local and foreign tourists. As future entrepreneurs, participants should also be open-minded to new and innovative ideas, focusing first on earning a few profits but with consistent growth through time. The lecture also emphasized on the need for vendors to have a good moral attitude towards clients to encourage more potential customers.    The promotion of livelihood training of the Gagandilan Mindanao Women Inc. is likely to provide a good opportunity to dissuade and deter Muslim women from joining or supporting violent extremist groups.