The healthcare workers have always been in the frontline when COVID-19 initially struck the Philippines. But each and every Filipino has their fair share of battling the said virus. The frontliners face the risk of infection as they continuously go to work while the rest are required to stay at home. COVID-positive patients outnumbered the healthcare workers. It has been a challenging role for frontliners as not only were they exposed first-hand to the virus but there was also a lack of medical supplies including Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).


It is in the innate character of the Filipinos to lend a helping hand especially during trying times. Staying at home doesn’t stop our Kababayans in searching for ways to help win the battle. As published in, different groups and individuals have used their platform to help raise the necessary funds and medical supplies needed by our healthcare workers and frontliners.


Darwin Mariano and Harvey Keh (Asia 21 Young Leaders) – Helped raise funds to purchase medical supplies, PPEs and food packs through their platform, Ticket2Me – The Kaya Nation! Movement in coordination with the Office of the Vice President.


Below are the other organizations that cater to raising donations for our frontliners:

  1. Tulong Kabataan (UP Manila) – asking for masks and alcohol for patients, health workers and interns of Philippine General Hospital

Contact Details: 09082111437

  1. Philippine General Hospital – asking for PPEs and other medical supplies for healthcare workers

Contact Details: Dr. Mia Tabuñar (Coordinator for Resource Generation) 09193506917

  1. Ospital ng Muntinlupa – asking for medical supplies such as N95 masks, face shields, 70% ethyl alcohol, surgical gown, clean/sterile gloves for healthcare workers

Contact Details: Dr. Edwin Dimatatac 09176294301

  1. Philippine Association of Medical Technologists, Inc. (PAMET) – asking for N95 masks, face shields, 70% ethyl alcohol, surgical gown, clean/sterile gloves for healthcare workers

Contact Details: PAMET Secretariat (02) 8817-1487/ 09178901118

  1. National Children’s Hospital (NCH) – asking for PPE, N95 masks, face shields, 70% ethyl alcohol, surgical gown, clean/sterile gloves for frontline government workers and healthcare workers

Contact Details: Dr. Jennifer Gianan, Chief Resident – National Children’s Hospital 09176392278 or at 264 E. Rodriguez Ave., New Manila, Quezon City

  1. #ProtectTheFrontline – asking for surgical masks, surgical gloves, surgical caps, PPE set, N95 masks, protective goggles, plastic boots, plastic aprons, disposable gowns, face shields, scrub suit, alcohol, soap, food, hazmat suits for frontliners


We at Mustaqim salute all the people involved in these movements. Aside from these platforms, let us all remember that Staying at Home is one of the best way that we can do to fight the virus.