As the country continues to face challenges brought about by violent extremism, there are people working behind the spotlight in order to ensure that the Philippines could one day enjoy lasting peace.


Director Cosanie Derogongan is one of the officials under the National Commission for Muslim Filipinos. Currently, he leads the Bureau of Peace and Conflict Resolution. Since he started his term, Director Cosanie implemented several programs, activities, workshops and seminars on preventing and countering violent extremism (PCVE). He travels to different parts of the country, from the north in Baguio City, to Subic, Zambales, down to the south in Davao and other parts of Mindanao together with his team to conduct seminars and awareness programs on PCVE and peace.


Director Cosanie gives utmost priority to the youth, who are one of the most vulnerable sectors of violent extremism. He ensures that his programs are those that motivate and inspire the Muslim youth to aspire to be leaders and peacebuilders in the country.


Director Cosanie also acknowledges all the hardwork of the Balik-Islam in maintaining peace in the country. Recently, his office congratulated the efforts of Eisa Javier of the Mercy Islamic Foundation and the United Muslim Reverts Alliance (UMRA), a group dedicated to represent the Balik-Islam community.


We at Mustaqim salute Director Cosanie, one of the country’s ambassadors of peace. We look forward to more programs and activities on peace and PCVE.