In an interview with ASG widows from Caluang and Indanan, they shared their painful experiences and hardships in the hands of their ASG husbands and living with said terrorist group.


Hanina and Hamina are both widows of slain ASG members. During the interview conducted last December 2021, they have expressed relief knowing that they are already free from the tentacles of the ASG and are not being hunted down and targeted by the government. 


Among other things, the fear that they felt while with their husbands and the ASG was unimaginable. They said their life was spent in forests, hidden from the community, where they experience scarcity of water and food.


They have admitted the practice wherein the sons of slain ASG members replace their fathers, which results in these youth having no direction in life, and later on, falling into the trap of false heroism and propaganda by the ASG. However, the mothers of these recruited youth continue to convince their children to leave said group for a brighter future.


The role of mothers and women in PVE is vital. That is why Hanina and Hamina discourage women from supporting terrorists groups and marrying their members. Aside from exploiting and utilizing women, they are also destroying the lives and future of their own children.