Many Filipino Muslims still question whether it is allowed in Islam to join flag ceremonies and partake in putting their right hand above their chest and sing the national anthem. In the Islamic perspective, is it allowed?


On August 29, 2019, the BARMM issued a fatwa on Islamic Etiquette on Flag ceremonies. The fatwa states:

Praise be to Allah!


Yes. It is allowed to put a hand of a Muslim over his/her chest during flag raising or lowering because the flag does not symbolize religion but rather represents patrimonial to the country. 


Likewise, it is also allowed to salute flags too.


Also, it is permissible to sing the Philippine national anthem because it is not about religion but it is patrimonial lyrics.


What is not allowed is to bow on the flag because it is only on Allah we bow. 


Allah knows best.

  • Bangsamoro Darul Ifta Council


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