Steve Goodier, an ordained United Methodist minister and author of numerous books on personal development, motivation, inspiration and making life changes once said that “Money is not the only commodity that is fun to give. We can give time, we can give our expertise, we can give our love or simply give a smile. What does that cost? The point is, none of us can ever run out of something worthwhile to give.”

If we are to be mindful of our day to day lives, it may surprise us that some, if not most, of the wonderful memories that give us satisfaction and joy are those related to the times we were able to share and give, in whatever form it may be.

Talking about giving, we may often relate it to presents and gifts.  But if we are to really get into the core of the act of giving, it is relative to doing the same without any expectation of getting something in return.  Generosity as defined by Cambridge Dictionary is the willingness to give help or support especially more than is usual or expected.  But how do we form a generous mindset if we are just human beings, at certain points in our lives, expect to be gratified in return, in the same form or even more valuable than what we were able to give.  Developing a way of thinking begins with one’s intent. We need to give from the heart, without ulterior motives. 

Awareness of the act of giving follows, knowing and believing that generosity makes us better individuals who are compassionate, empathetic and with a stronger sense of community.  A generous mindset should also be sensitive to the needs of others and desire to be of help to others.  To develop such a mindset, it is also essential that we are appreciative for whatever it is that we have as this can be translated into the ability to more likely share the same things and experiences with others with the goal of helping them appreciate life as well.

In summary, a generous mindset begins with the individual who is generous to himself/herself.  

Being generous and practicing the act of giving is not at all that hard, we have numerous things to share and give, if only we are aware of it – our talents, a helping hand, a good advice, encouragement, recognition, the list definitely goes on. Just like what the late UK Prime Minister once said, “We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.”