On the dawn of February 6, a strong magnitude 7.8 earthquake hits certain area in Turkey and Syria with some aftershocks within the said countries, ranging from magnitude 4.5-7.5 in Richter scale. The disaster resulted to a whooping 33,000 dead and a thousand wounded and is still counting as of this moment. The winter cold, lack of supplies and equipment and a series of aftershock added to the burden of the two affected areas in the countries. Some of the rescuers unfortunately became the victims of the rubble when the aftershock hit while they were retrieving some survivors. The populace are also extending their efforts to quickly help those who are in needs. Due to its effect to nature and a massive loss of lives, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria is considered as the worst disaster of the century.

To help the Turkey and Syria to recover, the Philippine government sent an 85-man team known as The Philippine Humanitarian Contingent to Turkey to conduct search, rescue, and relief operations. These people are composed of personnel from Armed Forces of the Philippines, Department of Health, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, and Subic Bay Metropolitan Agency. Some of the members are experienced rescuer and some are first time to travel abroad, but the desire to help others was their priority.

Although miles apart from other parts of Asia, they heed the call because they knew the feeling of being helpless and victim of calamity. As a Filipino, we always take part in nation-building, ensuring the safety and conditions of the people around us. Even we have different beliefs, it breaks the barrier when a Muslim helps a Christian or Christian helps a Muslim who are in need especially in times of disaster. Moreover, the earthquake that shook us is only a reminder that we should call Allah no matter what and it is a test of our faith to him if we will be swayed or cling to His promises.
Although it seems so devastating to see the aftermath of earthquake, it is also a great manifestation of kindness to those who are in need. It is a wakeup call to us that we can always show kindness to other even if there is or no disaster.